Mercury - modular JSON-RPC for Scala

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Akka Stream based transport for JSON-RPC

This module isn’t exactly a transport itself, but rather works with any transport that can be used with an Akka Flow; such as websockets or TCP with a message framing layer (it can also work with alpakka libraries to form some more exotic transports).


This module supports bi-directional communication such that both ends of the connection can act as the client AND the server. Thus the setup for both is the same.


For server-only you can immediately call the flow method and discard the AkkaStreamClientServer instance. The server will be started when a stream is materialized with the flow.

val helper = AkkaStreamClientServer.handlerHelper[YourJson, Unit]
val handlers: Seq[Handler[Future, YourJson, Unit, Unit]] = ???

val flow: Flow[String, String, Future[Done]] = AkkaStreamClientServer((), handlers).flow

The above example uses Unit for the connection context. If you want to provide some value for the connection context (such as authentication data) to handlers, you can pass your value in the first parameter of AkkaStreamClientServer.apply.


A client-only setup can be built the same way as a server, but pass Nil for the handlers. This way

val client = AkkaStreamClientServer((), Nil)
val flow = client.flow // client won't be ready to use until the flow is materialized